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Teaching in the Moment:
The Microskills

Adopted from: Neher JO, Gordon KC, Meyer B and Stevens N. A five-step "Microskills" Model of Clinical Teaching. Journalof the American Board of Family Practice. 5:419-424, 1992.

  • Get a Commitment
    Example-What do you think is going on with this
  • Probe for Supporting Evidence
    Example-How did you come to that conclusion?
  • Teach General Concepts
    Targeted to learner's gaps
  • Tell Them What They Did Right
    Reinforce good work-be specific!
  • Correct Mistakes

    Diagnosing the Learner
    Asking a Good Question
  • Remember to pause and wait for an answer!!
  • Examples of questions related to:

How do you put it all together?
What else have you considered?
What fits and what doesn't?

What do you want to do for this patient?
How are you going to present this to the patient?
What are you concerned about?

Do you want to order any tests? Why?
How will the results change your plans?



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