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Overview of the Structure and Sequence of Effective Doctor Patient

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Gather Information

I. Survey Patient's Reason for the Visit

a. Start with open-ended questions
b. Invite patient to tell the story chronologically ("Why don't you start from the beginning of your illness")
c. Allow the patient to talk with minimal interruptions.
d. Actively listen Encourage completion of the statement of all of patient's concerns through verbal and nonverbal encouragement ( "tell me more", "anything else?", lean forward )
e. Summarize what you heard. Check for understanding. Invite more ("Anything more?")

II. Determine the Patient's Chief Concern

a. Ask close-ended questions that are non-leading and one at a time
b. Define the concern completely

III. Complete the Patient's Medical Database

a. Obtain past medical and family history
b. Elicit pertinent psychosocial data
c. Summarize what you heard and how you understand it, check for accuracy

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