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DOMAIN 3-Communicating about Medicine and Science

Identifying the Problem

  1. Bring relevant medical/scientific knowledge to the presentation
  2. Assess the level of understanding your audience brings to the presentation
  3. Determine what your audience "needs to know" about the problem
  4. Explain what the problem is, and why it should be important to the audience

Developing and Maintaining Relationships

  1. Select and adapt information to the audience
  2. Assess audience's understanding and adjust presentation as necessary
  3. Demonstrate professionalism

Education and Counseling

  1. Help audience connect new information with previous knowledge
  2. Select instructional aids that support learning
  3. Ensure that audience receives a clear "take-home" message
  4. Suggest a future plan of action

Specific Applications

Oral Communication
Settings-Teaching /Basic and Clinical
Sciences, grand rounds, presentation to public
Situations-Manage interruptions, changes in context.

Written Communication
Settings-General patient information, public health forum (newsletter, web site, etc.), scholarly papers, presentations.
Situations-Copyright permissions, citations, implicit product endorsements

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