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Mack Lipkin, Jr., M.D. Principal Investigator, is a tenured Professor of Medicine and Director, Division of Primary Care, New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Lipkin is an international leader on the medical interview and related skills. In founding the American Academy on Physician and Patient, he created its highly effective, well validated faculty development program, worked to integrate psychosocial skills in practice, published two model curricula and served as senior editor of the 50-chapter book, The Medical Interview. Additionally, he has authored or edited eleven books and more than 120 articles and serves as President of the Sergei Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Education and Research.

Adina Kalet, M.D., M.P.H., Curriculum Coordinator for the NYU component of the Macy Initiative, is Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine and Director of Medical Education, Division of Primary Care, Department of Medicine. A former Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar, Dr. Kalet has conducted a variety of faculty development programs at NYU and in consultation with other institutions. She has conducted and published research on doctor-patient communication and medical education including a study of the use of performance based assessment for assessing the communication skills of medical students. Dr. Kalet is a Fellow and faculty member of the American Academy of Physician and Patient.

Regina Janicik, M.D., is a Fellow, Division of Primary Care. She serves as the Macy Core Faculty Development Leader and assists with all Macy curriculum development activities. Dr. Janicik has been active in the creation of student and faculty web-based video training modules.

Marian Anderson, R.N., M.A., M.S., Project Coordinator, brings to this position a broad range of experience in the areas of clinical nursing, administration/management, and consultation. She is responsible for the operational aspects of the Macy Initiative and development and management of special projects.

Jennifer Nadeau, B.A., Macy Project Assistant, is coordinator for the Physician, Patient and Society Course and works with the evaluation team in carrying out its multifaceted agenda.

Lindsay Senter, B.A., Macy Project Assistant, is responsible for coordinating the Ambulatory Care clerkship and the second-year Physical Diagnosis course. She is an integral member of the Faculty Development Team, assisting on various projects.

Todd Derbes, B.A., Macy Project Assistant, provides core support for the Physician, Patient and Society Course as well as the Clerkship Communication Skills Curriculum and evaluation of the Macy Project.


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